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For more than 25 years, Stadion has had the same goal: help individuals invest with confidence and ease

Our mission

Stadion was founded in 1993 with one goal: to make investing easier to understand and less stressful for investors.

What does that look like?

Everything explained simply and in plain English. (Because you’re hiring us to be the financial experts, so you don’t have to be.)

Technology and tools that allow you to personalize your account to reflect who you are and how you feel about risk.

A U.S.-based investor services department that you can call or email to get the answers you need.

Stadion is privately owned and based near Athens, Georgia. Our entire team is dedicated to doing right by our clients, and we pride ourselves on our high-quality service. Those are the benefits of our small-town values. But make no mistake: we also bring our asset management expertise.

Stadion's retirement offerings:


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